Saturday, March 3, 2012

Why are we hangry?

Why are we hangry?
Hangry is the clever blending of the words hungry and angry.

What are we hungry for?

We are hungry for real food that our bodies evolved to eat.

What are we angry about?

-The copious amount of misleading nutritional information born from questionable science.
-Feedlot animals that are being raised in inhumane conditions and living short & sickly lives.
-The overuse of pesticides, herbicides & who knows what else had depleted our topsoil leading to lower nutritional content.
-Processed food, additives, food dyes, and sugar are rampant in so many products.
-Misguided laws prohibit consumers from buying such things as raw milk and shackle the small family farm.
-The rise of genetically modified foods.
-Uninformed politicians & greedy lobbyists.
-The fact that it is prohibitively expensive for many individuals and families to buy food that will help them thrive.
-The overuse of antibiotics, unnecessary C-sections, and a historic push to feed babies formula, and many other factors have left many of us with intestinal dysbiosis.


The future is hopeful. The rise of the local food movement has led people to farmer’s markets & CSAs. More than ever people are fed up with conventional dietary wisdom and are searching for food that truly nourishes.

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